Empower! Eureka

In March 2017, the Eureka Community Development Company partnered with Empower! Dakota, a branch of Dakota Resources. By August, Empower! Eureka was started with many individuals taking part in the three committees formed.

Next Empower! Meeting:

Combined Team Meeting: July 29, 2019, 6:00 p.m. - Information Center

Business team

At the meeting on January 28, the Business Group identified the need for an electrician in Eureka. The group created an action plan for beginning the search.

The Business Team will also be working on a plan to recruit Eureka High School students to return to Eureka after college to live and work.

The Team also decided to look into new opportunities for the old hospital building.

Park rangers

The Park Rangers spent the January 28 meeting planning for 2019 and dreaming of what could be achieved. Among the eventual goals were: Lake beautification, sidewalks for walking/biking, curb and gutter replacement, playground upgrades, and updating the volleyball area and softball fields.

The group also discussed the tree planting that will be happening in April and how to involve the community.

Community center

The Community Center group is excited to move forward! At the January 28 meeting, the groups talked about locations, financing, and design, as well as who will take ownership/management of the project and building once it is complete. The group will be attending the February City Council meeting to share their progress. Stay tuned for more exciting details!