Eureka Community Development Co.

The Eureka Community Development Co. is involved in economic and community development. The mission of ECDC is to promote and demonstrate innovative grassroots economic development in the community, attract new industry, assist with expansion/retention of existing industries, and promote industrial and commercial development.

The mission of ECDC will be accomplished by:

  1. facilitating partnerships with residents, businesses, civic organizations and governments.

  2. Maintaining a strong and diverse tax base consisting of quality development desired within the community.

  3. Collecting and providing the information necessary to have a vibrant and dynamic business community.

  4. Promoting Eureka and the surrounding area as the region of choice to live, work, play, and visit.

  5. Assisting in retaining and expanding existing businesses and exploring creation of new businesses.

  6. Promoting Eureka and its businesses and industries, as their growth means better financial security and job availability in Eureka.

ECDC works with existing, new, and expanding businesses through loans from a revolving loan fund, business planning, business consultations, financial referrals, workforce development and marketing.

Through grants from various sources, ECDC has been able to provide a free copy service to local organizations. ECDC led efforts in 1999 and 2000 to have kuchen named as South Dakota’s official state dessert. Following that designation, Eureka had three retail businesses producing kuchen.

2021-2022 Eureka Community Development Company Board of Directors

President: James Croshaw (2019-2021)

Vice President: Cory Heiser (2018-2021)

Secretary/Treasurer: Craig Gab (2021-2024)

Jack Goetz (2019-2022)

Nina Kunz (2021-2024)

Judy Dohn (2020-2023)

Tricia Grajczyk (2021-2024)

Hear from the Board

“I hope to keep an open mind and listen to concerns that people have regarding our community and what they would like to see happen. I want to help build Eureka’s community to its fullest potential.” - Kelsey Weismantel

"Eureka is home to the young and old!" - Kelly Fargher

“I am excited to be working with ECDC and am excited to work with the businesses in town. If anyone has concerns, I ask them to bring them forward. Together we can accomplish so many things.” - Lisa Mehlhaff